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Battlefield 1943
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  BattleGroup 42 Mod Update - Mods
  Posted by: Woolf on 05-24-2006 @ 16:50
This News Item has been viewed 13,044 times
The BattleGroup 42 mod team is nearing release of version 1.3. Check out these awesome previews,


This map has been made by the well known mapper zara5ustra, responsible for several first class bf1942 community map packs. This one is about Hell's Highway, the dramatic name given to the vital stretch of road that the British 3rd Guards Armoured Division had to advance down rapidly on their route to relieve the American and British paratroopers which had landed at Nijmegen and Arnhem in September 1944. The US 101st Airborne Division had been dropped to keep open the passage, but couldn┤t fully reach this objective. On the narrow roads along the dangerous route ambushes by German Panzerfaust infantry and tank hunters were common. The resulting delay led to the disastrous defeat of the British at Arnhem.


Some of you will know this map from our BG42 0.98 release, where it has been called "Karst". We dropped it for BG42 1.0 because it didn┤t fit the described scenario very well and lacks of balance. Sarge Surfat did a complete rework of Amaccanns old map and creates that hot little meatgrinder, which it supposed to be. On December, 2nd, in the grim winter of 1941, the German advance in the northern part of the eastern front came to an halt - with the outskirts of Moskau and the towers of the Kreml in sight. The Soviets now started a massive counterattack under the participation of four Armygroups to reduce the pressure and save their capital.


This is another community map origibnaly made by fabtalavista, and it has a very special battleground - the famous abbey of Mont St. Michel offshore the brittany coast. In July/August 1944 the Americans brooke kout from Normandy. Following the capture of St. Lo and Avranches, American units turned west in order to seize the Brittany Peninsula with its vital ports of St. Malo and Brest. On their way they had to clear off the territory from the enemy and encountered determined defenders at Mont St. Michel. The map has been reworked by Sarge Surfat and shows lots of new statics which where made by Geronomo|Ger just for this map. It provides fierce close combat fighting and tank action as well.


This is a fictive battle following the famous novel of Alistair MacLean. The story: 1200 British soldiers where held as POW on a small Greek island. The British forces planned to rescue them, but every approach to the island was prevented by a pair of big coastal defense guns which controled the passage to the island, capable to sink every ship in their range. After several air bombardments had failed, British Commando Troops were ordered to destroy the mighty guns of Navarone. This night map is a small infantry focused scenario around two small and a bigger island with nice shores, dense vegetation and a authentic mediterranian atmosphere.

As the Battlegroup42 1.3 release countdown continues, we found that it is time for another preview. This time we focused on the new vehicles, which will increase our total amount to more than 170 and fill some gaps in our line up. Here they come!

From the humble beginnings of a map pack add-on, we are PROUD to announce that we are almost done working on latest and greatest BattleGroup42 version, 1.3! We've got new maps, new coop for some maps, improved AI, new vehicles, new weapons, artillery batteries, and portable MG kits!

Sdkfz 222

A development of the Sdkfz. 221 armored recon car, the 222 was armed with Kwk 38 20mm along with MG-34. Capable of 50mph (80km/h). Though it has some shortcomings - especially its ground clearance was too low - it was well suited to the recon work. While not fully enclosed it featured a screen on top of the turret to prevent grenades from being tossed inside the turret. It was in service throughout the war, though in later years it was somewhat outgunned and partially replaced by better armed types.
This entirely new vehicle made by DaCrapper can be found especially on several early war maps.

Bren Universal Carrier

In 1934 Vickers built and open topped fully tracked vehicle armed with a .303 Bren MG or tow a light artillery piece. Crewed by 3 men, it was often used to transport many more inside and on top of the crew compartment. It was produced in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and the United States and was used by almost all the Allied Forces, though mainly by the Commonwealth countries. Capable of 30mph, and sometimes mounting weapons other than the Bren, it was a handy little vehicle.
The Bren Carrier replaces the M3A1 APC on all maps with british troops.


During the planning phases of the Ardennes offensive it was decided there was a need for a flamethrower tank. The Hetzer was selected as the platform and the 14mm Flammenwerfer was mounted inside the barrel of the 75mm gun. It was capable of projecting a flame 66 yards and carried 154 gallons of fuel. 20 Flamm Hetzer were build and issued only to two specialized panzer units, Flammpanzer Kompanie 352 and 353. They took part in the Operation Nordwind, the last German offensive of the war in the Alsace/Low Vosges area, January-February 1945.

Matilda FROG

The Matilda FROG is a flamethrower version of the british Matilda II tank and mainly used by the Australian army. The flamethrower was operated by gas-pressure and has an internal storage of 50 gallons of fuel. 25 of this vehicles were build in 1944 and saw action during the reoccupation of former allied territories, especially on New Guinea and Borneo. They proved terribly effective against japanese pillboxes and entrenched positions.

Grant I

The Grant medium tank was a variation of the US M3 Lee tank. The British purchased several hundred of both tank types from American companies, because of their lack of proper armour and industrial capacity. The Grant was fitted with a new cast turret, carrying a 37mm gun. It has no machine gun cupola to lower the silhuette, and contains the radio equipment, instead of in hull like the Lee. The Grant tank was once called the tank that saved the British in North Africa, as it arrived in time effectively combat the German armour. Though it has several shortcomings, the hull mounted 75mm gun gave the British crews parity with their German opponents and also the capability to fire HE shells at last as well as armour piecing shot from the larger gun. The first 200 vehicles were ordered and delivered to the 8th Army in the Western Desert in early 1942. 4th Armoured Brigade had 167 Grants at the Gazala battle on May 27, 1942. By the Battle of Alamein in October 1942 almost 600 Grant and Lee tanks had been delivered. When the M4 Sherman replaced these tanks in the desert they were shipped to the Pacific theatre, especially to Burma and Australia.


The DUKW, popularly pronounced DUCK, is a six-wheel-drive amphibious truck developed by the United States during World War II for transporting goods and troops over land and water and for use approaching and crossing beaches in amphibious attacks. DUKW is a short term: D means year of construction (1942), U stands for utility, K means all wheel drive, W means three axles.
The DUKW was used in landings in the Pacific, in North Africa, and on the D-Day beaches of Normandy. With the enemy holding all available ports, at Normandy alone DUKWs carried 18 million tons of supplies ashore in the 90 days after the landing. In Battlegroup42 1.3 the DUKW comes in two flavours: Standard troop/supply transport and Assault. The Assault DUKW carried a 105mm Howitzer, capable to fire from the vehicle. It was used for artillery support during the landings.

GAZ 67

The GAZ 67 was the Soviet Unions' equivalent of the American GP "Jeep" from the latter half of WWII until the Korean war. Although it was harder to maintain and less reliable, the GAZ-67 was superior to the Jeep in off-road performance. The GAZ-67 began production on September 23, 1943. A remarkable 92,843 were built before production ended in the Autumn of 1953. A four cylinder 3.8 liter engine provided 54hp@2800rpm for a top speed of 90 km/h.
The GAZ 67 replaces the US jeep on all maps with soviet troops.

SdKfz. 251/9 "Stummel"

The Sdkfz. 251/9, called the "Stummel" by German soldiers and Assault Hanomag by the Allied, is one of the many variants of the famous Hanomag halftrack. It has been developed as a replacement for the German Sturmgeschuetz assault guns, which were used more and more as tank destroyers. The Stummel has a combat weight of 8,8 tons and carried a short-barreled 75mm gun and 32 rounds in an open topped fighting compartment. It was one of the most common variants of the Sdkfz. 251 and used successful from 1941to the end of the war.

G4M Betty

The G4M- Allied reporting-name 'Betty' - was the main 'heavy' bomber of the Japanese Navy during World War II. It was remarkable for its long range, but this was achieved by depriving the aircraft of armour while providing it with huge fuel tanks in the wings. The Bettys served during the entire war in the pacific, and though they were vulnarable to enemy fire, they inflict some serious losses to the Allied troops. Bettys sunk the new battleship Prince of Wales and the old battlecruiser Repulse on 10 December 1941, supported the japanese troops on Guadalcanal, and torpedoed the cruiser USS Chikago and the carrier USS Intrepid, for example. Total production of the G4M was 2,479 - a high figure for a Japanese medium or heavy bomber.

Chapter one of this news release is about air defense. We are proud to introduce our new Flakvierling 38, a model done by Koricus.

The Flakvierling 38 is a German antiaircraft gun used in World War II. It consists of four 20mm Flak 38s set on a quadruple mounting with collapsing seats, folding handles, and ammunition racks. The mount has a triangular base with a jack at each leg for leveling the gun. The tracker traverses and elevates the mount manually using two handwheels. The gun is fired by a set of two foot pedals--each of which fires two diametrically opposite Flak 38s - and can be operated either automatically of semi-automatically. It was widely used against low-flying Allied aircraft and was often installed in flak towers and other permanent mounts. It was also used for fire support against light armoured and soft skinned targets on the ground.

  • Caliber: 20mm (.79 in.)
  • Barrel length: 51 1/2 in. including flash hider
  • Weight: 3,200 lbs.
  • Height: 10 ft. 1 in. (guns elevated)
  • Max. vertical range: 4,012 yards
  • Rate of fire: 800 rounds/min. practical; 1,400 rounds/min. cyclic
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
  • Storage capacity: 16 magazines (320 rounds)

    This highly effective gun appears not only as a stationary weapon, but also in a mobile version, mounted on a Panzer IV chassis and better known as the "Wirbelwind". Note: This is NOT the Wirbelwind from the Secret Weapons-Addon! The model has been made by DaCrapper, using Koricus' Flakvierling.

    The Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind (Whirlwind in English) was developed in 1944 as a successor to the earlier AA tank M÷belwagen. The Panzer IV's turret was removed and replaced with an open-top, nine-sided turret which housed a quadruple 20 mm Flakvierling 38. A closed-top design would have been preferable, but this was not possible due to the heavy smoke generation of the 4 flak guns. The armour and rapid fire from the four guns of the Wirbelwind was also very effective against infantry. One Wirblewind was sufficient to pin down large numbers of infantry. It is believed that either 87 or 105 Wirbelwinds were produced during the war, but in any case, there were too few of them to have any major influence on the war.

  • Maximum speed: 38 km./h.
  • Road speed: 25 km./h.
  • Cross-country speed: 20 km./h.
  • Range (on road): 200 km.
  • Range (cross country): 130 km.
  • Fuel capacity: 470 l.
  • Fording: 0.8 m.
  • Step climbing: 0.6 m.
  • Climbing, degrees: 30░
  • Trench crossing: 2.2 m.

    Next on our list is another unique BG42 model. The Sdkfz. 234/1 is a variation of the eight wheeled Sdkfz. 234 armoured car series, which begans to replace the Sdkfz. 232 in the german reconnaissance units from 1944 on. DaCrappper creates this fine model by combining our Sdkfz. 234/2 "Puma" hull with a new open topped turret.

    In the German Army, armoured cars were intended for the vital role of reconnaissance, scouting ahead of the Panzer tank units to assess enemy strength and intentions. The SdKfz 234/1 has a long range radio equipment and was fitted with a 20 mm KwK38 gun and coaxial 7.92 mm MG34 machine gun in a rotating six-sided open turret, which was protected from grenades by a mesh-covered frame. Around 200 of these vehicles were build and delivered to the eastern and western front until the end of the war.

  • Ammo: 20mm 480 rounds, 7.92mm 2400 rounds
  • Armament: 20mm KwK 38 L/55 & 7.92mm MG42
  • Armor: 5/30mm
  • Crew: 4
  • Engine: Tatra 103/12 cylinder/220hp
  • Fuel Capacity: 360 litres
  • Height: 2.10m
  • Lenght: 6.00m
  • Width: 2.40m
  • Weight: 11500kg
  • Range Road: 900km
  • Speed Road: 80km/h
  • Cross Country km/h

    The next vehicle fills a huge gap in our vehicle line up because it was so unique and widely used, especially on the Pacific battlefields. Yes, we are speaking about amphibic tracked vehicles, the socalled "Amtracs". The models were designed by DaCrapper.

    The Amtrac (amphibian tractor) or LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked) was developed in the early 40's by the US Navy. The first combat vehicle, the LVT1 "Alligator" was essentially a cargo vessel, and saw its first use in Operation Torch, the landings in French Morocco. The unarmored LVT2 "Water Buffalo" (seen on the right) was first used in the Tarawa landings. The improved LVT4 (seen on the left) had a rear ramp door, better armor, and first saw action in the Saipan landings. All LVT2s were dressed in US Navy grey, while many LVT4s saw service in the US Army and were painted in olive drab. LVTs were used to transport troops and supplys from ship to shore and pin down enemy defenses with machine gun fire.

  • Crew: 3 + 28 passengers
  • Lenght: 7.97m, width: 3,25m, height: 2,48m
  • Weight: 12.7 tons
  • Engine: Continental W670, 668cu", petrol, 7-cyls radial air-cooled, ohv
  • Suspension: small wheels with rubber springs, mechanical brakes
  • Rear hinged loading door

    Now we are leaving the vehicle section. With the new MG 34 pick up weapon kit we introduce a new infantry support class. Unlike the MG42/Browning 0.50 weapon kits in BG42 1.2 this weapon can be fired standing and kneeling as well as prone - but don┤t expect to much accuracy then. Of course there is a similar 0.30 Browning MG-kit for the allied forces as well. The MG34 has been made by Koricus.

    The German Maschinengewehr 34, or MG34, was first produced and accepted for service in 1934, and first issued to units in 1935. It was an air-cooled machine gun firing 7.92 mm Mauser rounds and had similar performance to other medium machine guns. Iit was designed to perform as a general-purpose machine gun. The MG34 was used as the primary infantry machine gun during the 1930s, and remained as the primary tank and aircraft defensive weapon because of its high accuracy. It was intended that it would be replaced in infantry service by the related MG42, but there were never enough of the new design to go around, and MG34s soldiered on in all roles until the end of World War II.

  • Caliber: 7.92 mm
  • Load: continuous belt feed (50 or 200 round strips) or 75 round beltless saddle drum
  • Action: selective fire, air cooled
  • Rate of fire: 800 to 900 round/min
  • Weight: 12.1 kg (26.7 lb)
  • Weight with tripod: 19.2 kg (42.3 lb)

    At least here comes another genuine BG42 small arm. It is the new Thermite grenade, created by DaCrapper.

    The M14 Thermite Grenade was developed for the sole purpose of sabotage. The chemical "thermite" reaction created extreme heat and could melt any metal. Dropped on an the engine deck of an enemy tank, this weapon could do great damage within seconds.

  • Whew! That's all of them, for now! It's great to see the continued development of BattleGroup 42 for Battlefield 1942. Be sure to check back here at Battlefield Files for the 1.3 release of BattleGroup 42!

              Next News Post 05-25-2006 @ 04:23 - Desert Conflict Mod Update - Btr-50p
              Previous News Post 05-23-2006 @ 15:57 - Ancolius Mod Update

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    User Comments  
    The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Battlefield Files is not responsible for their content.

    Total comments: 14 | Last comment: 05-27-2006 at 18:55

     #1 - 05-24-2006 at 17:26
    From: (tennessee)
    Joined: December 22nd, 2005
    Posts: 63
    yay, more bg42 stuff!

     #2 - 05-24-2006 at 19:18
    Joined: April 23rd, 2006
    Posts: 14
    yes work! cant wait for the release.

     #3 - 05-24-2006 at 19:46
    Joined: January 17th, 2005
    Posts: 201
    Wow, that's all I can say is wow. big grin Nice stuff guys. Hope there's a server up for it when it releases. big grin

     #4 - 05-24-2006 at 19:55
    Joined: November 22nd, 2003
    Posts: 87
    Well the MOB server still runs BG42 on Sundays and Wednesdays, so at bare minimum it will be there.

    Also with the new AI playing Coop is almost as fun as playing against humans, they even use landmines! I swear sometimes when playing against the bots I forget they are bots.

     #5 - BattleGroup42 version 1.3 is a GO for this weekend! - 05-24-2006 at 20:06
    Joined: October 6th, 2002
    Posts: 10
    After months of preparation, debugging, adding new maps - units - kits - weapons - effects AND a rebuilt Bot AI, we are ready for launch!

    Are you ready?

     #6 - Top of the iceberg - 05-25-2006 at 01:31
    From: (Gent)
    Joined: July 1st, 2004
    Posts: 1
    Yep indeed, and remember that what you see here is just the the top of the iceberg.

    The members of the mod have been working their butt off to create the BEST release of BG42 ever. The debugging-guys, the static-dudes, the AI-gurus, the mapping-peepz, they all did a very good job.

    ... up to 1.4??? ... who knows ;-) hehe

     #7 - Great Work - 05-25-2006 at 04:40
    Joined: September 7th, 2005
    Posts: 121
    I'm Really looking forward to this Two Thumbs Up!RockTwo Thumbs Up!

     #8 - 05-25-2006 at 12:38
    From: (Scotland)
    Joined: August 15th, 2005
    Posts: 19
    [quote=Cavesloth]Also with the new AI playing Coop is almost as fun as playing against humans, they even use landmines! I swear sometimes when playing against the bots I forget they are bots.
    So do I, they are pretty good now! The open isn't safe anymore...

     #9 - 05-25-2006 at 13:47
    Joined: January 17th, 2005
    Posts: 201
    Will the bots aggressively use AT weapons, and also do the bots use stairs? I'm not much for single person play sadly frown Being a loyal FH fan I've never even tried their SP and I guess their bots are supposed to be pretty good as well, yours sound tough too, but I had always heard of little snafu's when it comes to bots like AT weapons, using stairs, stuff like that.

    I could warm up to trying out some sp if the bots seriously put up a challenge, but I'm not sure, as I've always been an MP guy, which is a shame 'cause you guys seem to have really stuffed alot of stuff in this release.

    I dunno, I'll maybe hold off initially and see what the community says. big grin Cheers though, awesome work guys, looking forward to your acheivements on the BF2 engine with your new supa-mod. cool

     #10 - 05-25-2006 at 13:56
    Joined: November 22nd, 2003
    Posts: 87
    There really isn't a way to improve bots using stairs for the most part (pathmap conflicts) though we do have some of the new maps with some impressive pathmapping (Siegfried Line).

    As for AT weapons lets just going bounding around without support in a tank is pretty much suicide especially in close quarters like a town. Tanks now engage you at ranges human players would, bots use AT grenades, Molotovs, and the like with often brutal accuracy (they already used Bazookas and ATRs quite often), they also will respond to spotting for artillery on occasion. We're also working on bots using ships more, so maps like Midway can actually be fun in coop. Also medics will heal you more often, and engineers will repair you more often.

    I think the main problem with bots used to be they were a bad aim with Bazookas and Panzershrecks at close range, but now they will use the AT grenades and such when close enough, so you won't see rockets flying harmlessly over your head too often.

    They are still bots of course, but if you think you can always go around killing them willy nilly like BF42 bots, you're in for a nasty surpise. On some maps even skilled players who've been playing BF for years now end up with more deaths than kills.

     #11 - 05-25-2006 at 14:23
    Joined: January 2nd, 2006
    Posts: 1077
    BATTLEFIELD 1942 IS WAY BETTER THAN BATTLEFIELD 2!!! its great to see some more 42 stuff being released looks great.

     #12 - sweet - 05-25-2006 at 18:37
    Joined: August 2nd, 2003
    Posts: 122
    The guys have really poured their hearts into this, and it is good to see people still excited about a BF1942 release.

    It's only a skeleton crew working on the BF42 engine, as the majority of the team is working solely on BF2. So obviously we have been working very hard to get this.

    I really like the new statics are modelers have made, makes the game feel like new again. Particularly the Mont St. Michael map in it's epic scale, it's like a "Great Wall" for BF1942. smile

     #13 - 05-27-2006 at 05:25
    Joined: October 9th, 2004
    Posts: 865
    Really looking forward to playing this on BF1942!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks XCELLENT!

     #14 - 05-27-2006 at 18:55
    Joined: January 17th, 2005
    Posts: 201
    Yeah that castle is impressive indeed. It kind of reminds me of the big fort Battlfield 1918 {bf42} had on their Gallipoli map. It adds so much atmosphere.

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