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  Conflict Canada - Mod Update - Mods
  Posted by: UGSAce on 11-22-2006 @ 18:50 - Source: Conflict Canada
This News Item has been viewed 4,530 times
Conflict canada has a small update, take a look at what they had to say :

Hey All,
Floppy here again. Wow time's been flying here . The mod suffered a setback late in October, we lost two modellers to other jobs. As a result the rest of us have taken on some double duties and have learned much more than expected. Things are turning back around now though, we have 2 new members. A Graphic Artist, TexasHullian brings imaging experience and innovation.As well a new Modeller, Willycoyote is ready working on the Leopard C2 to get it in game.
Mapping Team: Shady has been busy building up his "secret map" teasing the rest of the team with some sweet screenies. Bencol is going over his next map submission before posting, will have screens in the next post. I've been tweaking the Avalanche map and getting data together for a Panjawai District map.

Modelling Team: WillyCoyote is busy UV mapping the C2 to bring it into the mod in a future internal build.

Skinning Team: Shady and I have both been working on weapons this month. He is doing up the C9 and I've been scratching at the Timberwolf. They are looking really good and will be a shame to drop on the battlefield.
From now on these updates also include mini-interviews with developers so you can get to know us alittle bit. As my first interviewee I have enlisted my fellow Co-Leader Shady.

Floppy:What got you interested in the mod?

Shady:Me being a Canadian and all, when i found the Canadian Focres mod i just had to join

Floppy:How do you see the mod being accepted in the community upon its release?

Shady:I see mainly to begin with, the Canadian part of the bf2 community playing the mod. But me and my mod team

are hoping to hit a bigger group of people just to show everyone what the Canadian Forces truly has to offer.

Floppy:How long have you been on the mod team?

Shady:6 to 7 months

Floppy:What one part of the mod is the best so far?

Shady:The team. They are just a great buch of people to work with.

The Mod team has some opennings for Modellers, Skinner, Coders, and Exporters. Help with these areas will sure to speed up the release of the mod. Our mapping, military advisory, and graphics teams are currently filled.

Come visit us at:

Forums: http://concan.3.forumer.com
Web: http://canadianforces.aowc.net/

Floppy Out.

          Next News Post 11-22-2006 @ 19:03 - Battlefield 2142 1.05 Patch Issues
          Previous News Post 11-21-2006 @ 23:07 - Battlefield Podcast Episode 33

Average User Rating: 10
Number of Votes: 2
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User Comments  
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Total comments: 11 | Last comment: 11-25-2006 at 04:47

 #1 - 11-22-2006 at 19:42
Joined: July 18th, 2005
Posts: 111
canada dont do nothing

 #2 - 11-22-2006 at 19:58
Joined: September 26th, 2005
Posts: 151
Aside from the pompus***** with the first comment, I'll admit this mod is looking intersting. Keep up the good work.

 #3 - 11-22-2006 at 23:51
Joined: July 4th, 2005
Posts: 986
So by saying Canada 'dont do nothing' you're saying they do something...?

 #4 - 11-23-2006 at 05:20
From: (Quebec)
Joined: April 13th, 2004
Posts: 81
only american, british and canadian soldiers are actually doing something in afganistan, so, I guess that count as doing something. Mod looks good, I'm canadian myself, and I hope so recognise thigns from my "tiny" but glorious army.

 #5 - 11-23-2006 at 08:51
Joined: October 9th, 2006
Posts: 37
Canada has donw alot throughout history, its jsut that we do such big things with low numbers we dont get reconized, the US sends in thousands of troops and cananda sends in 100s so we dont get much apreciation even thoughw e are cleaning up the US's mees in afganistan. Anyway i hope the mod stay around and shows off canada is jsut as good or even beter than the worlds armys, keep up the good work guys.

 #6 - 11-23-2006 at 09:21
From: (Ontario)
Joined: March 2nd, 2005
Posts: 282
Okay, please don't focus on the country as that is a perfect way of freezing this thread. Focus on the mod instead. And IMO the mod is looking great. Way to deal with adversity

 #7 - 11-23-2006 at 09:34
Joined: August 24th, 2006
Posts: 18
thanks guys for the positive input smile

 #8 - 11-23-2006 at 12:05
Joined: October 9th, 2006
Posts: 37
yeah, lets not turn htis into a debate, lets jsut give our full suport to the mod, and its great workRock

 #9 - @1+3 - 11-23-2006 at 15:08
From: (Winnipeg)
Joined: April 26th, 2006
Posts: 32
ya i think they call that a double negative lol, good mod im excited to get some canadian *exposiure*

 #10 - 11-23-2006 at 15:31
From: (Sarnia)
Joined: September 23rd, 2003
Posts: 60
woot canada ftw....i live in canada i like it...we own when we go into combat

 #11 - 11-25-2006 at 04:47
Joined: March 3rd, 2005
Posts: 371
my dad lived in montreal till he was 12 man so the first comment is a *****ing pusshole peice of *****, i *****in can't wait to see you down here in nottingham and try to take people down here on even if he canadian, btw, the mods good too, i think the models should have more of an air of quality, they look okay but they never look completly finished

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