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BF2SP Total War Realism 5.0.5 Release Full (Torrent) (5.0.5)
Filename: bf2sp_total_war_realism_5.0.5.rar

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BF2 Patch 1.50.

Average User Rating: 1
Number of Votes: 1
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BF2SP Total War Realism 5.0.5 Release Full (Torrent) (5.0.5) - File Description  

Prepare to Be engaged in full Single Player Realistic Combat. This mod maximizes single player gameplay, and makes it for a "Total War" experience. Read the Description for full changelog.

**you will need a torrent downloader to download this file, I am constantly seeding it so It should be good.**

BF2SP Total War Realism 5.0.5 Release Full (Torrent) (5.0.5) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download BF2SP Total War Realism 5.0.5 Release Full (Torrent)!

BF2SP Total War Realism 5.0.5 Release Full (Torrent) (5.0.5) - Readme  
Readme File:
V 1.0

First release, Some kit modifications etc..

Damage and Recoil Tweaks for all Weps

Blood Puffs

Rotating Maplist

Custom real gun sounds

V 2.0

Fixed Profile Overwriting Bug, now installer will create new profile named "BF2TotalWarPlayer1" for Full Experience

Tweaked LMG Recoil. they now are deadly just like in real life.

Tweaked Ammo Loadouts, (GL no longer has 12 203's + More)

Made all rockets More Deadly, (a rocket can take out a APC 1 hit, and a Chopper 2 hits) for realistic purposes. Rockets also take down infantry now.

Sniper Rifles are more Accurate now, and M82A1 Is VERY accurate and has a longer hit range, can also damage/take down light armor, helos, and aircraft with the appropriate amount of shots.

Adjusted Zoom properties on M82A1 and other Sniper Rifles, m82 has a much better scope zoom now, other was too much zoom.

Adjusted Ticket Ratio so Rounds dont last so long.

Adjusted view distance on some maps for Long-Range-Sniping.

Included a Bot Changer if 64 Per team was too much for you, or your comp. also has a difficulty slider.

Tweaked alot of weapons Accuracy, They are much more Accurate now.

China SpecOps no longer has shitty type 95 spec ops gun, they now get G36C.

V 3.0
added a ton of more new maps for SP.

fixed pistol damage so their deadly now, no more 6 shot kills with pistol.

instead of Bizon AT wep MEC now gets AK101.

Added Smoke grenades to assault and support classes.

Tweaked Support Ammo kit number, now instead of 10 boxes of ammo there is only 2 for more realistic purposes.

Made all original maps thier largest size (except Dragon Valley, wouldnt work),
64 Size original maps now for "total war" :D ! Be sure to Adjust your Bot Slider to ALOT of bots for these huge maps! hopefully your comp can run it!

Added a Anti-Personell .50 Cal rifle to US Snipers loadout, antitank rifle was kind of silly for hitting people with, but now he has both.

Added PKM to MEC Support Class Loudout.

Replaced China Ak-47 Medic Gun with G36e.

Edited the medkits to heal a less rapidly for a more realistic effect.

Edited the Ammo kits to not replinish, they only get 2 ammo kits now, make them last.

Greatly Increased .50 Cal AT M82A1's damage against helicopters/jets and other small vehicles. (for christ sake its an exploding round!)

Greatly tweaked the damage on the weapons, now they will most always be a 2 shot kill, or when placed right 1 shot
(AK is still slightly more powerful than the M16, LMG's are more powerful than both of these).

Had to take out the Rotating Maplist, for some reason its not compatible with the new 64 size maps. :(
But, I did edit the map tickets to be larger (600) for large scale longer single battles.

V 4.0

Made Opposing AI (MEC/China) better AI strategies, which means they are on the same pace with USMC. (Smarter AI)

Added 1 more smoke grenade to smoke grenade loadout.

Lowered ak74u and ak47 recoil just a tid bit.

Adjusted Scar-L recoil to be a bit higher, before it was hardly no recoil, China G-Series rifles still have little recoil.

Made all rifle ammo loadouts the standard rifle loadout for infantry (6 clips of 30) what effected this was the Scar-L and the M4

No longer will the M95 Anti-Personell rifle for US sniper have no zoom, it has zoom on scope now.. (some coding error of mine)

V 5.0

Added Support for 1.5 Patch, All the new maps with AI, and the Total War Realism Settings.

Tweaked EU Kits and Loadouts.

Tweaked EU Weapons Accuracy/recoil.

Made all new maps 64 Player size only for total war.

Fixed Various Crashes when Playing Single Player maps.

Tweaked all Stationary Machine guns damage. (they hit heavy now)

V 5.0.2

Fixed Crashing Bug on SP Maps

V 5.0.3

Mostly EU Faction Tweaks and Changes.

lowered the explosion radius on the grenade launchers significantly,
This was almost Halved. because before it was way to high, and you
were always getting killed by 203's/gp30's because the explosion radius was so high. this is now fixed.

Made EU L86 GL More deadly, on par with GP30 and M203

Made HK46 EU Machine gun more accurate when in appropriate posistions

Increased EU Sprint times to be on par with USMC/CHINA/MEC

Edited the Hk53a3 to be a tid bit more accurate.

FAMAS Works very well now.

L96A1 Is very accurate and deadly now, as intended.

Removed Boat wars And Sea Wars maps, as they do not apply to the theme of the mod/Also they were crashing for some
Unknown reason.

For some reason the AT Rockets splash damage was taken out in the 5.0.2 release, I reinserted it so it has a
Splash damage effect, so it can take out multiple enemies when placed right, as in previous versions.

V 5.0.4

added magazines to mounted weapons, with reload ability, no more infinite ammo on the mounted guns.

Lowered the damage of the shotguns (Norinco, Benelli, Siaga, M116), Before a bot could kill you one shot from 20+ Meters.

Made all Stationary weapons With Ammo Capacity, No more Infinite Ammo.

Made all the Coaxial MG's with appropriate ammount of ammo/magazines.

Made the Helocopter's Missles, the Hydra and The TV Guided missle to do More damage/have larger explosion radius.
The hydra missles take out infantry fairly well, mainly on tanks/armor works very well, TV guided missle works
great vs. All, and has a large explosion radius.

Added More splash damage to the Stationary TOW Rocket Launcher. This will be good at taking out Infantry as well
Now, because it has such a huge explosion, Realistically, this will take out infantry well too.

Added More splash damage to the Stationary TOW Rocket Launcher.

Added SP Support for Operation Blue Pearl.

Added 64 Size Map Support for Operation Harvest.

V 5.0.5

Increased amount of tickets per map by 200, so now there are 800 Tickets per map for Longer large scale battles.

Fixed 16-32-64 mapsize amount for operation blue pearl, this is now 64 only.

Made appropriate amount of ammo/Reload times for all attack helicopters. they now get 48 hydras in 2 sets of 24,
and the appropriate amount of hellfires.

Lowered shotgun damage a little more, bots were still 1 hit killing you from 20+ meters, :@. should be better now.

**warning: there are known crash bugs, when playing FuShe Pass there is a random CTD, and when entering a
AH-1Z Littlebird as co-pilot, or trying to switch seats, the game CTD's. I am trying to resolve these issues ASAP**

BF2SP Total War Realism 5.0.5 Release Full (Torrent) (5.0.5) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Battlefield Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 6 | Last comment: 10-22-2009 at 20:46

 #1 - Torrent help - 10-06-2009 at 15:26
Joined: June 27th, 2009
Posts: 5
I got both bittorren and utorrent and i cant download it. It has no seeds great mod though smile

 #2 - Oh Ya - 10-06-2009 at 15:29
Joined: June 27th, 2009
Posts: 5
Hey can you help me about it our at least put more seeds frown But i think your mod rocks have a Beer! Beer! and have a smile

 #3 - yea... - 10-06-2009 at 16:51
From: (FL)
Joined: August 25th, 2009
Posts: 38
To tell you the truth I lost the seed file for this 5.0.5 full release, the 5.0.3 full release I have seeded over 40gb of data. I lost the main compile for 5.0.5 full frown , so for now download 5.0.3 full, then patch it to latest patch (5.0.4 then 5.0.5) you can find those two exe's on this site or go to http://www.filefront.com/user/sw33tsp0t to pick them all up.

 #4 - Thanks - 10-07-2009 at 11:07
Joined: June 27th, 2009
Posts: 5
Thank man i needed help on that so thanks for the help and i will try out the mod today smile

 #5 - awesome - 10-16-2009 at 12:18
From: (Belgrade, Serbia)
Joined: March 8th, 2009
Posts: 7
man that sounds great, but torrent doesn't work for me, shows 1 seed in swarm but it's not connected, is there any way to get it up on rapidshare or megaupload or any other way. question: why is it so huge, even greater than 1.5 + BF2 itself. i would realy like to try it, sounds so cool. keep on a good workRock

 #6 - sounds like an awesome mod!!! - 10-22-2009 at 20:46
Joined: December 1st, 2002
Posts: 3
i don't get it.....tried for days...yes i said days....to get this nobody is seeding it and there is no other way to download.....so then...i ask.......why is it here? would love to hear about a link to download this......

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